All Sewn Up

A soon to be woman’s silk-screened release from Arcane Agenda’s artist, Krayola, “All Sewn Up” depicts the artist’s own sentiments regarding the beauty that can be found in horror.  

Depicting this metaphor for the brutality that we all experiencetwo disembodied hands are setting about their work in macabre illumination.  In Arcane Agenda’s token vivids, the hands are underlit in eerie, luminous tones & lush colors. Graphically Lovecraftian rendered, in eldritch bright, and yet amorphous colors, rendered perhaps from some heartache nightmare.  

This illustration tugs at the peripherals of a statement, in a colorful, accessible graphic. Who knows why these detached hands do what they do? Maybe driven by kitchen sink voodoo, or the heart sung remorse of a lost love?  

Proving that beauty can be found in dark places, this delightfully dark and vibrant 4-color silk-screen women’s t-shirt is set for a possible late August release. Stay tuned for official drop date announcement! 

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