After you confirm your order and checkout you will receive an email confirmation of your purchase. All orders are in U.S. Dollars with California/Orange County sales tax. All orders take up to 48 hours to ship, especially if purchased at 5PM Friday and will ship Monday the following. Please allow up to 2 weeks for your order to arrive. All orders when they ship are sent a tracking receipt via email. All orders are shipping via USPS or UPS as it is your choice to pick a shipping method for tubes. For all orders under $11.00 USPS First Class and First Class International is used; small handbills, stickers and Certificate of Authenticity packs used in special release. All prints are rolled in soft Kraft paper and with multiple prints a facing sheet is added between prints for safety and rolled in an outer layer of Kraft paper secured with a foil gallery sticker. All posters are shipping in heavy duty Yazoo Mills tubes with end caps securely taped shut. To remove your poster cut off the tape, remove end cap and slide out posters. Cut foil gallery securing sticker and most importantly let you posters unroll naturally for 24 hours before attempting to flatten by using weights at your own peril. We’re not responsible for any damage done during the de-tubing and or flattening process. Arcane Agenda has a collective expertise of shipping fine art and fine art/pop art silkscreen prints for 54 years.


There is no exchange or replacements for items offered in random tubes
or specials of collective prints. All sales are final and in the case
of a lost or damaged order/print only another random tube will be
provided as a solution if such an event is to occur.


We do not offer pre-orders on any items as all items are produced,
sorted and sifted for quality, signed and dated by the artist and are
in stock at the time of offering. We do not sell pre-orders as we are
publishers of fine art and pop art prints and not a grist mill
churning a product dependent on sales but dependent on quality. We
work directly with the artist and do not offer finished licensed items
but on rare occasions as we are focused on providing fine art editions
and respect the art and kraft and time honored print making traditions
we have come to practice.


International prints ship secured in a new Yazoo Mills tube with each
print between soft Kraft paper and rolled in an outer Kraft layer
secured with a foil gallery sticker. If this sticker is cut or removed
please note this maybe by customs and contact our Customer Service
expert. Expect 11 to 14 days or up to 30 days depending on customs
enforcement, your end location. All import duties, VAT are your sole
responsibility and are not included in the final check out price. We
will not mark customs forms at a lower value than originally

All orders ship from Santa Ana California U.S.A.


Due to the volatile nature of one time run prints including store
stock all sales are final and replacement of an item is only for
damaged in transit and or lost orders for identical item or identical
valued items with first replacement of like type item. For any
exchange please contact our Customer Service expert and provide clear
photos of the damage and await further instructions for replacement if
applicable. For us to replace an item you must first have it delivered
and we must know the condition. For all damaged items there is only
replacement of said item(s) only. It is our intention to get you the
item in pristine shape as you originally intended and our commitment
to do so.


Please use the utmost care when removing your prints from the tube as
well as attempting to flatten them. Allow the posters to naturally
unfurl for 24 hours before attempting to flatten. Flatten at your own
peril as we are not responsible for any damage to your purchase once
the prints are delivered to you. Please save the separating Kraft
sheets to protect your prints as your prints unroll and unfurl as
these provided sheets will protect your posters in this process before
framing. If you must store the prints we suggest either re-tube them
as they were shipped and replacing in their original tube. For long
term flat storage we suggest storing them separated in acid free
tissue paper in a cool, dry clean place such as an artist flat file or
in an approved acid/pest free portfolio. Please note that Kraft paper
is not acid free paper and can damage your prints and for longterm
storage these should be discarded.


All prints include a Certificate of Authenticity(COA citing the
original artist, total number of prints, their variance, numbers of
other prints and state the original press date and any other
historical facts of that pieces publishing. A replacement COA can only
be provided to the original purchases and only up to 2 years from
purchase if lost or destroyed and only provided with a written request
with a facsimile of the original purchase showing date and personal
purchase information such as name, shipping address. We do not provide
COA for secondary purchasers or provide requests to validate
authenticity of a print or speculate on that prints value as we’re
just publishers of the print.


Your print will be marked with artist signature/chop(their mark), date
and numbering and possibly with a modifier such as:

Regular Edition: Any print signed, dated and numbered either in the
margins or on the face of the print and in the most common color
offered is the standard most common offering and is called a “Regular”
with any variance considered an AP, GP or P offered print. All
offerings are in their original first edition unless otherwise noted
in the publishing byline outside the art area in the margins. If there
is to be a subsequent run of prints the publishing line will have the
edition number. First editions are more desirable then say a 2nd or
3rd editions. Some prints have gone into 8th and even 12th edition
offerings by other print makers. We strive for no more then a 2nd
edition if that was to ever happen as we strive for 1 time runs to
protect the value of the art, the artist original intent and the value
to our customers.

AP, P/A which stands for Artist Proof or Proof, Artist which includes,
color changes, dropped colors and includes hand embellished prints by
the artist. Some AP’s can be very valuable and by limitations of
numbers which cannot exceed 10 similar pieces in that edition as this
edition will be numbered from AP 1-1 to AP 1-10. The AP can follow or
end the numerals marked on the print as there is no set prefix or
suffix method for marking an Artist Proof.

1/1, or 1-of-1 or “One Offs” are mono prints, unique one of a kind
prints and usually are either created intentionally with the artist in
resident creating the embellishments themselves purposefully or using
artist accidents to create intentional or non specific events which
accumulates in the creation of a unique 1 of 1 that stands out amongst
the original edition.

P, Proof print. Usually a test print marked after the proofing stage
as a production proof and may have a unique print on the reverse as
these are just test and their offering to the public is rare as these
are internal control prints for the artist to approve and similar to
an artist proof.

GP, Graded Proof. A graded proof is the approved, signed off with a
date and a signature so that the pressman has a clear an concise order
as to approval of colors and that the art is free from flaws and is a
guide use to approve and express the finality of the edition offered.
A Graded Proof is rare and is only offered by the publisher and or the
artist themselves. These prints will included uncut final trimmed
prints which can increase their value. A Graded Proof will not have an
edition number as these are a visual receipt of the final offering.

H/C or H.C., stands for Hors de Commerce and are not offered to the
public at large and are usually proofing copies selected by the
pressman or print master as the best example of the run be it a
regular or AP/PA that meets the exact requirements laid down in the
proofing phase of production of the edition(s). Contrary to popular
belief HC does not stand for “House Copy” as HC, Hors de Comerce is
French for Not For Sale. On occasion HC prints are offered and can be
worth lots depending on the artist, the era other factors and are
often sought out by collectors as traditionally HC prints are
accumulated by the pressman and or master printer for their own
collection An HC is never signed or dated by the artist by will be
marked by H or HC on the art area and may accompany a date.

BAT, marked prints are Bon a Tirer and is “Good to Pull” as we were
trained and apprenticed under this system and when time allows we mark
first prints BAT as these prints might only see the light of day once
we no longer exist on this realm as these are our final receipt and
verification to the artist that our proofing print meets their exact
specifications and approval to commence the editions run. All BAT
prints exist as proof of impression and receipts of work done.


We are always looking for new, talented artist to publish be they
unknown, mostly known or established entrenched tenured artist and
regardless of the artist we love to discover new work by new and
established artist so please feel free to submit a sample of your
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