Kozik mini-handbill posters on your 2021 bingo card

If you had Kozik mini-handbill posters on your 2021 bingo card, you are ahead of game.

Arcane Agenda is excited that we will silkscreen in house and offer a limited series of Day-Glo fun counterculture and works of Frank Kozik. Each release will be a mini poster sized postcard that is five and half by eight inch silkscreened and in a numbered edition. Sold individually and in select sets in a resealable custom printed portfolio with a limited edition blind bag print included. Frank Kozik is provocative print maker and outsider creative director at Kidrobot and one the keystone godfathers of the grunge era event poster artist for Pearl Jam, Nirvana, NIN and the Pixies to name a few and his work is everywhere as toys, commercial design and his subliminal messages in the graphic lampoons of daily constant propaganda is the corner stone of contemporary pop culture. We are proud to work with Frank Kozik to bring new and familiar graphics in an easily consumable fun size posters. Kozik print releases are far and few between and we are excited to get these into the hands of collectors and those that appreciate eye popping pop art. Frank Kozik’s seminal gig posters, toys and graphic designs are immortalized in the collections of Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Smithsonian and discrete collectors worldwide. Collecting Kozik is essential and a prescription against the mundane and necessary distraction in this alternative reality. 

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