It Came From Beyond

Monsters, mutants, little green men, and crazed robots from classic B-horror movies will be rendered in easily identifiable silhouettes in front of a comparative height chart.

It Came From Beyond is a work in progress representing the relative heights of the post-atomic monsters, aliens, and creatures that crept out of the B-movies of the 1950s and 1960s. From the disembodied brains and spinal cords of Fiend Without a Face and the Incredible Shrinking Man and the towering scale of the malevolent machine from Kronos. Most of these monsters only existed in low budget features created out of rubber foam, fiberglass, and fishing line. Many yet of these monsters only exist for fleeting glimpses like the Martian in War of the Worlds. This artwork will show each monster in the size relative to each other as they were intended to be. Of the B-movie creatures in the print, there's the smallest, The Fly, which resulted from a scrambled teleportation accident as well as the result of unchecked atomic testing with the humongous atomic ants from Them. Either toppling a skyscraper or menacing a screaming starlet at a remote research center, 50 classic fiends will inhibit this poster when finished. It Came From Beyond will measure 34"x18". Final illustrations and colors have yet to be determined as this is a work in progress. Look out for the final print's release in 2021.

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