Robot Apocalypse!

This epic work in progress will eventually measure 18" by 34" silkscreened in 11 vibrant colors. We're working on the final background elements to complete the ink work before sending it off for coloring and color separation.

Who can stop this relentless alien invasion?! Flying saucers and towering cyborg war machines continue their virtually unstoppable onslaught. This what-if alien invasion is set in the year 1960 with all the period-specific weapons, soldiers, and machines of the era battling against a superior, otherworldly invading force. In New York, National Guardsmen frantically fight these air-dropped giant cyborgs bent on world domination. These monstrous robots crush the puny humans and their primitive machines. Everything in this work-in-progress is era correct: 1960s M60 Patton tanks, M14 rifles, BARs (Browning Automatic Rifle), and M2 Flamethrowers and other weapons and machines of that era. This will be an epic 11 color silkscreen print measuring 18"x34" and will complement our continuing alien invasion prints such as Rumble in Roswell, UFO Intercept, and BLAM.

This print release will come with several mini-posters, a certificate of authenticity, and more creative add-ons. The expected release is this holiday season.

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